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Hardware parts not only have a wide variety and specifications, but also play an irreplaceable role in various applications of equipment. Hardware parts processing is an ideal part that is completed through various processing techniques using raw materials.

At present, there are over ten categories and over a hundred types of metal products actually operated in the material market. For example, raw materials such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron, iron, aluminum alloy, etc. are processed by lathes and milling machines on customer drawings or samples, and drilling machines, polishing machines, etc. become various ideal parts.

What are the processing techniques for hardware parts

The cost of hardware parts is higher than that of plastic parts. Depending on the process used, it can be slightly or much higher. Here we introduce some common processing techniques for hardware parts.

1. Sheet metal: Sheet metal molds are made quickly and cheaply, with very short delivery times. Sheet metal can be a good substitute for injection molded plastic for internal structural components, as it provides greater flexibility in the early stages of the design process when the product may still undergo changes or the prediction of the product is unclear.

2. CNC machining: CNC is an economical and efficient solution for machining parts with complex shapes and strict tolerances. CNC precision machining can produce almost any shape, as long as the rotating cutting tool can approach the material.

3. Turning: The turning process includes cutting, end face, threading, forming, drilling, knurling, and boring. For the surface processing of hardware parts, if you want to have precision bearing surfaces in complex machines, turning is usually a good choice.

4. Electric discharge machining: Electric discharge wire cutting (EDM) is a high-precision technology that can cut almost any conductive material. The thin strip EDM wire installed between two mechanical guides forms one electrode, while the cut material forms another electrode. The discharge between two electrodes (wire and workpiece) will generate sparks for cutting the material. Due to the fact that live wires never come into contact with workpieces in EDM machining, this process can be used to manufacture very small and precise parts that require precision and complexity that traditional machining cannot achieve.

Surface treatment of hardware parts

The surface treatment of hardware parts is another common post-processing process, which can be divided into: spray painting processing, electroplating technology, surface polishing processing, etc.

1. Spray painting processing: Currently, hardware factories mostly use spray painting processing technology when producing large hardware products, using spray painting treatment to avoid rusting of hardware parts, such as electrical casings, handicrafts, etc.

2. Electroplating technology: Electroplating is a common processing process in the processing of hardware parts. The surface of hardware parts has undergone modern electroplating treatment to ensure that the product is not moldy or embroidered for long-term use. Common electroplating processes include screws, stamping parts, automotive parts, small accessories, etc.

3. Surface polishing process: The surface polishing process is generally used for daily necessities. For example, by treating the surface burrs of hardware products and processing spiral bevel gear parts, spiral bevel gears are hardware parts made by stamping, so the stamping edges and corners of spiral bevel gears are very sharp. Sharp corners need to be polished to a smooth surface to avoid damage to the equipment during use.

Polishing is to maintain a bright appearance of products, so the precision metal processing techniques we use in daily life are very extensive, especially for products that are prone to pilling and burrs. Polishing is an essential step.

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